Container Loading and Unloading Inspection

Container Loading and Unloading Inspection

Container Loading and Inspections service guarantees that VBI technical staff are monitoring the entire loading and process. Wherever your products are loaded to, our inspectors are able to supervise the whole container loading and process to your designated location. VBI Container Loading and Supervision service ensures that your products are handled professionally and guarantees the safe arrival of products to your destination.


Container Loading and Inspection Services

This quality control inspection usually takes place at your chosen factory as cargo is being loaded into the shipping container and at the destination where your products arrive. The inspection and supervision process includes an evaluation of the condition of the shipping container, verification of product information; quantities loaded and unloaded, packaging compliance and overall supervision of the loading and process.

Container loading and inspection process

Any container loading supervision starts with a container inspection. If the container is in good shape and the goods are 100% packed and confirmed, then the loading inspection process continues. The inspector verifies that the correct goods were packed and that all of the client’s specifications were met. While the loading and of the container commences, the inspector verifies that the correct unit amount is being loaded and unloaded.

Loading inspection process:

  • A record of weather conditions, the arrival time of container, record of the shipping container and vehicle
  • transportation number
  • Full container inspection and evaluation to assess any damage, interior moisture, perforations and smell
  • test to detect mold or rot
  • Confirm the quantity of goods and condition of shipping cartons
  • Random selection of sample cartons to verify the packaged products in the shipping cartons
  • Supervise the loading/process to ensure proper handling, minimize breakage, and maximize space utilization
  • Seal the container with the customs and VBIseal
  • Record the seal numbers and departure time of containerand witness the open process of container