VBI quality control inspections verify product quality and quantity to predetermined specifications. The decrease in product life cycles and time-to-market increases the challenge to deliver quality products in a timely manner. When your product fails to meet your quality specifications for market acceptance, the result can be loss of good will, product and revenues, delayed shipments, wasted materials, and the potential risk of a product recall.


Metal Detection

Needle detection is an essential quality assurance requirement for the garment industry, which detects whether there are needle fragments or undesirable metallic substances embedded in garments or textile accessories during the manufacturing and sewing process, that may cause injury or harm to end consumers. Needle detection is a product safety solution for all garments and accessories, which is considered important from the perspectives of both quality assurance and consumer safety.

Loading inspection process

  •  A record of weather conditions, the arrival time of container, record of the shipping container and vehicle transportation number
  •  Full container inspection and evaluation to assess any damage, interior moisture, perforations and smell test to detect mold or rot
  •  Confirm the quantity of goods and condition of shipping cartons
  •  Random selection of sample cartons to verify the packaged products in the shipping cartons
  •  Supervise the loading/unloading process to ensure proper handling, minimize breakage, andmaximize space utilization
  •  Seal the container with the customs and VBI seal
  •  Record the seal numbers and departure time of container